December 2, 2016 Newsletter

December 2, 2016

After almost seven years in ministry, it still amazes me how an all-knowing, all-powerful God allows us to do His work. I continuously give thanks to God for the privilege to serve; but during this season of thanks, I can’t help but thank God for all those who support Ministry Headquarters. Whether through your time, your gifts, or your prayers, God uses you to provide us with this incredible opportunity for which we are enormously grateful.

Six years ago, while I was a youth pastor, God laid upon our hearts the vision to create a system that reaches the youth by meeting them where they are, showing them God’s love, and revealing how the Word of God is relevant to their lives. We would provide an environment in which these young people would not only be encouraged on a weekly basis, but they would also learn how to encourage others. We would teach them how to think outside of themselves, knowing that many want to use their gifts and abilities to help others. We accomplish all of this by providing them with opportunities to minister and serve through mission trips, Vacation Bible Schools, and various service projects.
It’s been eight months since the incorporation of this ministry. During that time, we’ve seen 7 teens come to know Jesus as their Savior, 3 commit their lives to Him through baptism, and a number more make a rededication to Christ. We had 15 different students and 5 leaders go on 2 missions trips (Columbia, SC and Rochester, NY). We’ve been to Dorney Park, the beach, bowling, paintball, laser tag, and many more activities (Studies have shown that youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods greatly benefit from participation in activities that their more privileged counterparts have access to)! Over our first 4 months, HQ had its weekly youth meetings in 7 different locations (including homes, schools, parks and a church), all while continuing our average attendance of 25-35 teenagers. It’s been absolutely amazing to watch these teenagers come to the Lord and grow as individuals. We have seen students come into HQ as scared, confused, lonely kids, and after learning about the love of God and what Jesus did for them, they decide to live their lives for Him. God has provided the encouragement, resources, and reassurance we’ve needed to continue serving, reminding us along the way that this is His ministry and we are merely His servants. What a privilege it is to serve the King and Creator!

reverbSince we are still in the early stages of this organization, there are many prayer needs. We are still in the process of obtaining our tax exempt status (but don’t let that slow your contributions), so pray that the IRS approval comes quickly and without complications. Also, we’ve outgrown our current location (we have 35 teens and leaders in a 10×30 room), and we are looking for our own place. We are not only in need of more space, but we also desire the freedom and accessibility it would provide for us to pursue the many visions we have for this ministry: tutoring, after school clubs, college admissions counseling, aptitude testing/job placement, a young adult’s ministry, etc. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and for doors to open in this situation. Money is always needed and we know God will always provide; pray that we always seek His will. It’s an incredible honor doing His work, and it has been a thrilling trip so far. We’re just grateful God has allowed us to go along for the ride!

Thank you for all you do! We are proud to be partners with you in service of our King.

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